CEO Sleepout - can you help?



I’ve committed to raising at least $5000 to support the thousands of people in Australia who don’t have a safe and secure place to live – worryingly this includes an increasing number of young people and older women.

So, I’m taking part in the Vinnies CEO Sleepout, an annual event that raises vital funds for crisis accommodation, food, healthcare, counselling, education, employment, and support to find a permanent home for over 116,000 homeless and at-risk people across the country.

On 17 June I’ll be sleeping out - getting a glimpse of what so many people face every night. And it will only be a glimpse as I will be able to rely on warm clothes, a sleeping bag and a hot meal. The money we raise will go to ensuring those essentials are provided to those in desperate need.

Nationally, almost $64 million has been raised since the Vinnies CEO Sleepout first started 16 years ago in Sydney. Every dollar raised goes to Vinnies not for profit services and this year’s fundraising goal is $7.98 million nationally. Our goal is to ensure that Vinnies’ vital services can stay up and running – meeting the increasing demand due to COVID-19, job losses, sky-rocketing energy prices along with other social and economic pressures that keep homelessness on the rise.

Please help me reach my target of $5,000 to ensure Vinnies can continue to be there, providing support services to get people experiencing homelessness back on their feet.


Take a moment to watch this video, which I think says it all...


Ian Yard-Smith 
CEO and Managing Director
Catholic Employment Relations


Vinnies CEO Sleepout raises over $8.6m

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